Building and Testing

This guide describes how to build EPUBCheck from the source code, and how to run the tests.

§ Building EPUBCheck

EPUBCheck is built with Apache Maven (version 3 or higher is recommended). Building requires a Java Development Kit (JDK) version 7 or higher.

To build the EPUBCheck jar or ZIP distribution, use the command:

mvn clean package

To install the jar in your local Maven repository, use the command:

mvn clean install

§ Running Tests

§ Running tests from the command line

To run the whole EPUBCheck test suite, use the command:

mvn clean verify

To run all the tests except the integration tests, use the command:

mvn clean test

You can also run a single test class using the test property. For instance:

mvn -Dtest=VocabTest test

§ Running tests from the development environment

Some development environments support running tests directly from their user interface, either natively or with plugins.

In Eclipse, you can use the default JUnit plugin to run all the tests.

§ Setting Up the project in Eclipse

The Eclipse IDE is a popular development environment among Java developers. To configure EPUBCheck as a project in Eclipse, the recommened appraoch is to import it as an “Existing Maven Project”. Select File > Import... > Maven > Existing Maven Projects, then browse for the directory containing the pom.xml file (where you checked out the git repository) and select Finish.

§ Continuous Integration

The EPUBCheck project uses Travis CI to automatically run the test suite on the master branch and for any pull request.