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The <small> element represents side comments such as small print.


  • Small print:
    • features disclaimers
    • caveats
    • legal restrictions
    • copyrights [Example A] ...
  • Small print is also sometimes used for attribution, or for satisfying licensing requirements.
  • This element is only intended for short runs of text. It should not be used for extended spans of text.

HTML Attributes

See global attributes.


Example A

Footer copyright [try it]:

  <p><small>© copyright 2010 Example Corp.</small></p>

Example B

The small element is marked as being important small print.
The small element does not "de-emphasize" or lower the importance of text emphasized [try it]:

<p><strong><small>Continued use of this service will result in a kiss.</small></strong></p>

HTML Reference

The HTML5 specification defines the <small> element in 4.6.4 The small element.