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Welcome! The World Wide Web Consortium invites all who work within governments or those who work or engage with governments to participate in the many opportunities sponsored by W3C and the Web community.

W3C's eGovernment Activity currently offers speakers, discussion forums, educational information, and guidelines focused on helping governments to publish data in open, standards-based formats so that information can be more easily accessed on the Web.

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eGov Activity superseded by Data Activity

January 9, 2014

In December 2013 the eGov Activity was subsumed by the
W3C Data Activity. That activity has a larger scope encompassing eGovernment, open data and more.

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Government Linked Data at ICT 2010

September 30, 2010

One of the highlight’s of this year’s ICT 2010 event in Brussels was a Government Linked Data session: The European Commission’s Stefano Bertolo counted about 140 people in the room.

For more information about the session and its outcomes, take a look at the presentations, or contact W3C’s Ivan Herman.

For additional coverage, see: EPSIplatform, Euroalert

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Putting Government Data Online

June 25, 2009

Tim Berners-Lee has just released a new Design Issues paper titled Putting Government Data Online. The document, still not mature (per its status) acknowledges input from eGov IG Chairs and Members. This paper has several similarities with the sort of deliverable the IG expects to publish on Year 2. Stay tuned.

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New eGovernment Activity to Help Improve Government through Better Use of the Web

June 3, 2008

Crowd sceneW3C launches today a new forum for governments, citizens, researchers, and other stakeholders to investigate how best to use Web technology for good governance and citizen participation. “Open Standards, and in particular Semantic Web Standards, can help lower the cost of government, make it easier for independent agencies to work together, and increase flexibility in the face of change,” said Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director. W3C invites participation in the new eGovernment Interest Group, which
is open to the public. The group will identify best practices and guidelines in this area, document where current technology does not adequately address stakeholder needs, and suggest improvements via the standards process. Read the W3C eGovernment FAQ and press release, and learn more about the W3C eGovernment Activity.

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W3C work so far in eGovernment

December 17, 2007

W3C organized two eGovernment workshops so far:

After those workshops, meetings and discussions with many stakeholders, there are several key lessons learned that should serve as the basis for future work at W3C. Please see the separate page on eGovernment findings to learn about those.

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eGovernment is the use of the Web and other information technologies by governments to interact with the citizenry, between departments and divisions, and with other governments.



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