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XProc Next Community Group

Create a place for gathering requirements from existing and potential users of XProc, research in this area, and for supporting and writing the community-driven effort to define an XProc 3.0 specification (formerly 1.1) .


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Note: Community Groups are proposed and run by the community. Although W3C hosts these conversations, the groups do not necessarily represent the views of the W3C Membership or staff.

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September Workshop in Leipzig

There’s going to be an XProc Community Group Meeting on 5-6 September, hosted by le-tex publishing services GmbH at their premises, Weißenfelser Str. 84, 04229 Leipzig, Germany.

If you’re interested in attending (and you should!) and would like to reserve a room at the hotel where most of us will be staying (a 6-minute walk from the le-tex offices), drop an email to Gerrit Imsieke (gerrit.imsieke AT and he’ll reserve a room for you.

For more info, see

Or why not read up on the current status of the spec, at

See you in Leipzig!

XProc Workshop in London, June 11-12

There will be an XProc workshop in London on 11-12 June, immediately following Markup UK on 9-10 June. We’ll post more information as soon as it becomes available, both here and on Github.

And please – if you have any comments, suggestions, or use cases on the current XProc 3.0 draft, let us know. We hope to have a “candidate release” of the spec ready in the spring, with implementations of that release available in June.

Input Needed

Were you at XML Prague, listening to Gerrit and Achim present the XProc 3.0 draft and thinking we’ve missed something or are doing it wrong? Do you wonder about the usefulness of the XProc draft for your project? Is there something we should do that we aren’t doing? We want to hear from you:

  • Feedback to the drafts
  • Input, use-cases, proposals for steps dealing with non-XML documents
  • Questions, objections, cheers, …

To find out more, participate in the effort or simply get in touch:

XProc Workshop in Prague, 6-7/2

I’m happy to report that the XProc workshop in Prague (hosted by XML Prague – thanks!) on Feb 6-7 was a great success. We now have a roadmap that looks like this (borrowed from the XML Prague slides):

  • Specs split into three documents: core, (required) step library and (optional) step library
  • Last call draft (of the core spec) “this spring”
  • Core spec and step spec “candidate releases” ready by June
  • XML Calabash 2 and MorganaXProc 2 implementations commensurate with CR by June
  • Erik Siegel’s Programmer Reference for 3.0 also planned for June

For more detail on what was said and done, see our Github Wiki. For a summary, the slides presented at the conference also provide a terrific overview.

XProc Workshop in Aachen

Hi all,

as announced by Gerrit, an XProc 3.0 workshop will take place on Sep. 14th and 15th in Aachen (Germany).

Please see the wiki
for detailed informations.

If you would like to contribute to the wiki, please send a message to Gerrit or me so we will give you editing rights.
If you will attend the workshop but do not find your name on the attendees list, please drop us a note to.

Hope to see you in Aachen,