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Timed data and multi-device playback

Hi all, time for a new demonstration!

As we are working on the HTML5 Timing Object, it is nice to visualize how it can be used.  In this demonstration, we show how we map data onto a timeline. This is loaded into a “sequencer” (or MovingCursor) – basically a generalized track element that can be controlled by an HTMLTimingObject.  We then play it back using an HTMLTimingObject connected to a Shared Motion.  This of course includes videos, operations, data and so on.  This is in contrast to the “standard” way of hooking timed data onto a media element, then playing the “master” track.

In this demo, we show how we create the small Motion Corp videos.  We do not use standard linear video editing software (we find it less flexible), but stay in the pure HTML5 world.  This allows us to stay away from “flattening” – the process of merging “layers” of data into a single stream, and keep all data elements open for the entire process.  The final, YouTube films are simple screen captures of a separate browser window (we control it from a different browser, possibly on a different machine too)

In case some of you are interested in experiencing such a tool first hand, we’ve made it available online – note however that the Shared Motion powering it is shared between everyone in the world – so if more than one person is active, they will share the experience!  We did this to avoid logins or any other kind of difficulty for people to play with it – if it becomes a problem let us know and we’ll make it private.

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