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New HTML version of Web Cryptography Working Group charter

According to Harry Halpin, there is a new HTML version of chater.

It was added “secondary features” and “out of scope”.

The primary features in scope are encryption, decryption, digital signature generation and verification, hash/message digest algorithms, confidentiality algorithms, key transport/agreement algorithms, HMAC algorithms, key pair generation, and key storage on the device. In addition, the API should be asynchronous and must prevent external access to secret material.

Secondary features might include: strong random generation, control of session login/logout, extraction of keys from TLS sessions, PKI scheme validation, destruction of temporary credentials, storage of secrets in a tamper-proof container.

The following items are out of scope: key identifier naming schemes (thus implying that key identifiers are in general opaque), information about the provenance and destination of a key, access control beyond enforcement of the same-origin policy, multi-key collections, binding various human-oriented identifiers to keys, management and validation of certificates, and device-specific access to keying material.

Secondary features include my favorite features of Web Crypto API draft except hardware handling such as HSM and smart card.

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