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  • At this point you will have to go to the municipality of competence. In each municipality there is an office with the task of following marriages, usually within the registry office. It is necessary to bring a valid identity document of both spouses and it will be the municipal officer himself who will explain the additional necessary documents.
    After that, a date must be set to sign the Consent. This is an official procedure through which the municipality registers the mutual willingness to marry. Only at this point will the municipality expose the marriage publications.

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    The marriage publications are documents stating that the bride and groom (with the relative personal data), intend to get married. Historically they have had and currently have the function of letting everyone know that two people are getting married. At one time the publications were essential to prevent someone in an untenable state from getting married without anyone’s knowledge. If someone had something to say about marriage, he could introduce himself to the parish priest and stop the ceremony. Today the publications are informative and serve to tell your country that you are getting married.
    At the end of the publications (after about a couple of weeks) the certificate will be issued, to be delivered to the parish priest, who will provide to expose the religious publications in the parish.