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Issue description: Provide a means of giving the industry a standard code. From Comparison of JDX JobSchema+ with

Discussion: mail list Nov 2019, thread on properties relating to employer information.

  • Currently JobPosting has a property for industry, (the industry associated with the job position) but this can only be text so codes like those in NAICS or ESCO would be difficult to interpret.


status Solution proposed to (issue 2396, pull request 2402)

Suggest adding DefinedTerm to range of industry property.


Extends the Junior software developer example

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "JobPosting",
  "title": "Systems Research Engineer",
  "industry": {
    "@type": "DefinedTerm",
    "termCode": "511210",
    "name": "Software Publishers",
    "url": ""
    "inDefinedTermSet": "NAICS (North American Industry Classification System)"