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An analysis of the differencess between JDX JobSchema+ and JobPosting, based on column 4 of the table in the JobSchema+ document.

Simple properties not in

The following properties in JDX JobSchema+ are used in job postings and not in JobPosting

Employer Overview "Description of the employer, career opportunities, and work environment." See also issue 1829 point 5.

Citizenship Requirement "Country of applicant's citizenship"

Physical Requirement "Resource identifying types of physical activity associated with a job"

Security Clearance Requirement "Description of any security clearance requirements for the job"

Sensory Requirement "Resource identifying sensory requirements and levels necessary to function on the job including hearing and vision"

Total job openings: "Number of positions open for this job posting"

More complex terms not in

The following terms in JDX JobSchema+ are used in job postings and are not simple properties,--they may be classes with their own properties, or clusters of properties used together.

Industry & Industry Code. industry is in as a literal. Could add DefinedTerm to expected types so that same property could be used for codes.

Assessment. "Direct, indirect, formative, or summative evaluation or estimation of the nature, ability, or quality of a person's performance or outcome of an action" Not in

Terms with broad matches in

The following have terms from JDX JobSchema+ are for information that can be coded in with less specialized terms.

Formatted description. "Complete representation of the job including job responsibilities, qualifications, skills, working hours, education requirements, and experience requirements." I am not sure what other consumers of do with HTML in descriptions, but otherwise this is similar to the Google Job Search guidance for description.

Job Agreement, Job Schedule, Job Term. These three are merged together into EmploymentType.

Competency. Not in, but can use DefinedTerm to reference competencies defined elsewhere.

(Alternative, Equivalent, Preferred, Required)x(Credential, Education, Experience): These nuances of required and desired attribites are merged in to educationRequirement, ExperienceRequirements and qualifications.

Already in

The following are already in, sometimes as a property with the same intent but small changes to the definition or label.

Applicant Location Requirement. Same intent.

Employment Unit. Wasn't in when document was drafted, but is now proposed.

Identifier. JDX places an additional constraint on Show as example

Job Location. Clarification on where job is performed.

Job Location Type. Same intent, more inclusive text

Occupation catergory. Same intent

Responsibility. Same intent

Special Commitment: Same intent

Base Salary: same

Currency: same intent

Incentive Compensation: same

Job Benefit: same intent

Work Hours: same intent

Date posted: same

Valid through: same intent

Estimated salary: same intent