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Issue description: There should be a means of providing and overview of the Employer relevant to advertising a vacancy. From Comparison of JDX JobSchema+ with schema.org, see also issue 1829 point 5.

Discussion: mail list Nov 2019, thread on properties relating to employer information.

  • This is different to the general description that can be provided for a hiring organization in that it provides information relevant to filling a hiring requirement, for example advertising what a great place the organization is to work at, or signaling that legal requirements for hiring are being upheld.
  • While many employers may not use a property that says "more" about their company than what's necessary to apply, others will use it. In the partner (employer) feedback during the JDX piloting, one important issue for some was the ability to signal importance characteristics of their companies that make them unique and signal key values and opportunities that make them a desirable place to work and advance.
  • Employers still see a need to market their job postings to the public more creatively than just hiring needs and so the employerOverview property provides them a place to do that without taking away from the competency and responsibility properties. Such creativity in job postings is utilized even more by employers and recruiters in times of low unemployment.


status Solution proposed to schema.org (issue 2396, pull request 2402).

  • suggested adding a property employerOverview to JobPosting


Defintion: A description of the employer, career opportunities and work environment for this position."
Expected type: text


Extends the Junior software developer example

  "@context": "http://schema.org/",
  "@type": "JobPosting",
  "title": "Systems Research Engineer",
  "employerOverview": "Acme is commited to providing an evironment where the most 
           creative people want to work. We are committed to creating a diverse 
           environment and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer."