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Silver Surveys—looking for translation support

As part of the Silver Task Force’s activity, we’ll be conducting surveys with:

  1. a range of different stakeholder groups who use W3C accessibility guidelines as part of their work. This might include people who work in user experience, design, development, product management, policymaking, legal, education and other relevant areas.
  2. people with disabilities who use the Web and who benefit from quality accessibility guidelines

We’ve been working on defining a core set of questions we’ll ask all stakeholder groups. We’re also developing additional questions to ask specific groups.

We would very much like to ensure that the surveys reach as many people as possible around the world. This means we want to have versions of the surveys in as many different languages as possible. To do this, we need help with:

  • translation of survey text,
  • distribution of surveys, and
  • analysis of survey data collected in different languages.

If you can help, please contact the Silver Task Force with details of the language you’re able to help us with, and how you can help. You can do that by adding a comment to this blog post or sending an email to the Silver Community Group mailing list.

5 Responses to Silver Surveys—looking for translation support

  • Lourdes Moreno and I (Rocio Calvo) would like to participate in the translations of the surveys as well as in the distribution and data analysis of these surveys.

    We are accessibility researchers and we would like to collaborate in this research because we consider it is really important to distribute the surveys and get as many answers as possible.

    Please let us know how we could help,

    Best regards,


  • Benjamin Howell

    Ben Howell (User Experience and Accessibility Specialist) here at the University of Michigan Libraries. I would like to help with the translation of the surveys (Portuguese) as well as in distribution and data analysis related to these surveys.

    Happy to help!



  • Yukiko Gannett at Mass.Gov team of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts would love to join the translation of the survey and anything I could help.

    My mother language is Japanese. I worked in advertising and publishing as a writer and a copy writer in Japan.

    Here at the Commonwealth, I work as a Standards Based Web Specialist involved with web standards and accessibility.

    Please let me know how I could help.




  • Nancy Alajarmeh

    Accessibility researcher and would like to take part in the efforts of translating and distributing surveys. I can translate to Arabic.


  • María Inés Laitano

    Happy to help with Spanish translations!


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