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Hello World,

Shall we start off this group with a round of introductions? My introduction and my company’s is below. Feel free to respond by adding your own.

My name is Jarred McGinnis. I work for the Press Association, which among other things is the wire service for the UK and Ireland.

In order to address the growing demand for ‘fast, fair and accurate’ content and data, the Press Association recently committed to a large-scale project to redesign its IT infrastructure by putting semantic web technologies and principles at its core. By the adoption of established standards such as IPTC’s G2, RDF, a preference for existing ontologies such as geonames, FOAF, Dublin Core, etc. and the use of technologies such as cloud-based computing, open and RESTful approaches, XML-driven dBs and triple stores, the Press Association addresses real business needs such as, the managing of enormous, disparate and heterogeneous sets of data, reducing silos and streamlining content and data interchange within the organisation and between PA and its customers. Can you tell I snatched that blurb from a presentation abstract?

The Press Association has just published our first draft of a ‘news’ ontology ( For each of the ontologies documented, we’ve included the motivation for the ontologies as well as some of the design decisions behind it. Also, you can get the .rdf or ttl by adding the extension. For example, gives you the ontology described at .

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