The typical learning time or duration of the course

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The requirement that it must be possible to identify the typical learning time of a course comes from the use case of someone wanting to refine a search according to the amount of time required to complete the course.

Note: The time to complete a course has two aspects: (1) the duration, or time elapsed between the start and end of the course; (2) the total amount of time required to work through the course material. For example, a course starting in January and ending in July which requires 3 hours work per week, will have a duration of 6 months / 26 weeks and requires approximately 78 hours work to complete. The same course could conceivably be offered in a "compact" or "accelerated" format in 1 month with ~20 hours per week.


The duration of a Course Instance (i.e. the interval between start and end date) can be specified by using the duration property inherited from Event.

The time required to complete a Course can be specified using the timeRequired property inherited from Creative Work.


Example 1. Describing one offering of an online course.

Based on Coursera Data Scientist's Toolbox Code example

    name: The Data Scientist's Toolbox
    timeRequired: PT15H
    timeRequired [Duration]:
        description: 1-4 hours/week
    hasCourseInstance [CourseInstance]:
        startDate: February 15
        endDate: March 21
        duration: P6W


<body vocab="">
<!-- A MOOC / free online course. As a simple one-off course -->
<!-- Based on -->

<main typeof="Course">
  <h1 property="name">The Data Scientist's Toolbox</h1>

  <h2  >About this Course</h2>
  <div property="timeRequired" typeof="Duration">
    <span property="description">1-4 hours/week</span>
  <meta property="timeRequired" content="PT15H" />
  <div rel="hasCourseInstance" typeof="CourseInstance">
    <h3 ><span property="startDate">February 15</span>
         <span > - </span><span property="endDate">March 21</span></h3>
    <meta property="duration" content="P6W" />