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Tim Berners-Lee: On Encrypted Video and the Open Web

9 October 2013 by Tim Berners-Lee, On Encrypted Video and the Open Web.

Here are just selected parts:


“So we put the user first, but different users have different preferences. Putting the user first doesn’t help us to satisfy users’ possibly incompatible wants: some Web users like to watch big-budget movies at home, some Web users like to experiment with code. The best solution will be one that satisfies all of them, and we’re still looking for that. If we can’t find that, we’re looking for the solutions that do least harm to these and other expressed wants from users, authors, implementers, and others in the ecosystem.”


“Many of the arguments involve what different parties, the users, the browser makers, the media content distributors, and so on, would do under different new scenarios — things which we can opine on but in the end only guess. Many of these arguments involve comparing very different types of things — the smoothness of a user interface and the danger that programmers will be jailed. So there will not be an end to much of this argument for a long time. I would like to thank everyone who has weighed into the discussion thoughtfully and with consideration, and I hope you will continue to do so.”


“Some arguments for inclusion take this form: if content protection of some kind has to be used for videos, it is better for it to be discussed in the open at W3C, better for everyone to use an interoperable open standard as much as possible, and better for it to be framed in a browser which can be open source, and available on a general purpose computer rather than a special purpose box. Those are key arguments for the decision that this topic is in scope.”


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