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Update and recap of conversation with LRMI group from Oct. 5th, 2023

We haven’t posted in a while, but I wanted to give a quick update for a recent discussion we had with members from the education schema community, LRMI.

  • DCMI is interested in supporting OER Schema long term, as they do with LRMI.
  • Some items for consideration:
    • DCMI application profiles looks for stability, so OER Schema needs to have release version stability of terms.
    • RDF term URIs are stable and need some assurance of such, e.g. via agreement on domain for OER Schema, to allow DCMI to take it over if it is abandoned.
    • DCMI does not seek to take over OER Schema and update responsibilities. But it would like to be a backup caretaker for the domain.
    • Definitions/descriptions and examples need to be documented.

We are working on some technical updates and are looking to transition the website compiling workflow from TravisCI to Github Actions. Jump into the git issue queue if you have questions or comments:

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