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Here we collect information on the activites we plan for.

Identifiers in DCAT and harvesting

SEMIC has had two meetings on the question on identifiers in DCAT-AP. There are two main proposals, one more based on linked data principles and the other relying on a range of different identifiers. Here are the documentation from these previous meetings:

In this meeting we will go through the implications for various platforms and see if there is a common Nordic approach to identifiers for datasets. The meeting is planned to take place in may, final date remains to be decided.

DCAT2 and DCAT3 practicalities

There are new constructions in DCAT2 and DCAT3 that will have to be adressed, e.g. how to handle Data Services, and Data series. The meeting should take place before the summer, final date remains to be decided.

How to harvest concepts and specifications

To be decided.

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