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Co-chair meeting minutes: March 28, 2024


Adrian has improved the doc generator system to handle enumerations (issue #321), and the automatically generated JSON schema now also includes this information, so that all the allowable values for string-based types are specified.

There were a couple of JSON objects that didn’t have enumerations defined, so Adrian has added them where it was simple to do so. A couple of issues remain where the intent is to use the values from MusicXML, but Adrian hasn’t yet gone ahead and brought those values over; this will be done soon.

Myke suggested that we should probably prefer lower camel case rather than using hyphens to separate multi-word enum values, as this maps more cleanly onto the default enum types in languages like Javascript and Python. Adrian agreed that this would be a good change.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting is scheduled for Thursday 11 April 2024.

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