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Co-chair meeting minutes: December 7, 2023


Adrian has added the specification for rest positions (issue #318) and a new rest positions example to show this in action.

Adrian has also modified the docs generator system to create a JSON schema automatically (pull request #319) from the specification. Adrian is grateful to Paul Overell (@paul-bayleaf) for the work he has done on manually creating and updating a JSON schema file to MNX up to this point – his work has made it much quicker to check that the resulting automatically generated JSON schema is complete and correct. So many thanks to Paul!

Adrian would welcome feedback from community members (especially Paul) on the correctness and completeness of the JSON schema. He plans to merge these changes within a week or so, unless there are any problems found in community testing.

Adrian has also added support for grace notes to the MNX converter, along with a new test in its test suite.

For unpitched notes (issue #316), which we discsussed in our last meeting, Adrian has added a new issue for percussion mapping more generally (issue #320). As a group, we agreed that we will park both of these issues for now: we don’t think it makes sense to handle unpitched notes without percussion mapping, and the latter is a big area in its own right. We welcome community feedback on percussion mapping, in terms of use cases, examples, considerations, so that we have more information ready for when we return to this area.

Adrian proposes as the next order of business that he address a number of small and uncontroversial changes in service of making it possible to generate MNX files using the MNX converter that are more complete for so-called “simple” music – though exactly what constitutes simple music is of course up for grabs.

Next meeting

The final co-chairs’ meeting of the year will be in the week of 18 December, date to be confirmed.

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