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Co-chair meeting minutes: November 23, 2023


Adrian has created the necessary staff position data type for position on staff, and has updated clefs to use this new staff position data type, and similarly updated both the MNX converter and all of the MNX examples (issue #315).

The next steps are to consider how to encode the staff positions of unpitched notes (issue #316), and how to position the staff positions of rests (issue #318). We agreed that in normal single-voice sequences, rest staff positions do not need to be encoded, and we will provide tables (possibly both in the speicifcation and in structured data) providing the nominal positions of rests, based on the origin points of the rest glyphs in the SMuFL specification: for example, a half rest (minim) would have position 0, and a whole rest (semibreve) would have position 2. We agreed that for multiple voices in the same measure, it would be advisable to encode the position of every rest.

Adrian also plans to add support for grace notes to the MNX converter in the near future.


We agreed that we will incorporate the proposed extensions to MusicXML sound IDs for marching percussion proposed by Zac Jansheski (issue #494) in the MusicXML 4.1 release.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting is scheduled for Thursday 7 December.

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