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Co-chair meeting minutes: October 24, 2023


We briefly discussed the proposal in issue #494 from @zacjansheski to extend the list of sound IDs to more specifically encode the sound quality of marching percussion instruments, and agreed that this would be a good change.


Following our discussion in our last meeting about issue #314 for a unified way of encoding rhythmic position, there has been no feedback from the community dissenting against this change, so in the interest of keeping moving forwards, Adrian will write up the required specification change to implement this, and then update the MNX Converter to handle clef changes in the light of this improvement.

Next, Adrian plans to run a bunch of MusicXML files through the MNX Converter to identify which kinds of notations are not yet at all handled and set our next priorities.

Adrian also plans to start looking at the automatic generation of a JSON Schema from the docs generator and specification, and will use the example schema developed by Paul Overell in pull request #308 as the basis to check that the generated schema matches well enough.

We briefly discussed issue #294 concerning the JSON representation of rests, and in particular how the vertical position of the rest should be encoded. We have decided to proceed with the encoding of rests as described in this issue, so will close that issue, and have opened issue #315 to discuss the approach towards encoding the vertical position of non-pitched items on staves, including rests and clefs (which will require some rework in the light of this change).

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting is scheduled for Thursday 9 November.

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