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Co-chair meeting minutes: September 28, 2023

Myke was unfortunately unable to join today’s meeting due to illness.


The pull request for moving clefs into their own key in the measure object (#312) has been merged, but in the process of working on this it became clear that we needed to reconsider how we encode the position of clefs within the bar (#313). We spent the bulk of the meeting discussing different possible approaches, and the two leading contenders are to add an extra dimension to the way the position is defined in order to fully qualify it relative to grace notes, either using a rhythmic offset or using an index into the list of grace notes at that position. Adrian will write up these two approaches and their pros and cons as we understand them in the issue, and we look forward to further community feedback.

Adrian plans to update the MNX converter to convert clefs following the completion of the initial work on moving clefs.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12 October.

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