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Co-chair meeting minutes: September 14, 2023


Adrian has updated the MNX converter to output the new JSON format (GitHub commit). There are a few remaining details that need to be resolved (clefs, repeat endings, and tuplets) but these will be taken care of in due course. It’s not yet ready for prime time, so community members should hold off on testing the converter for the time being.

In the course of working on this, it emerged that the current design for the encoding of clefs is a little awkward. Clefs are currently encoded in the part measure object inside the content key, intermingled with sequences (that hold notes and rests). After some discussion, we agreed that it made sense to simplify part measure by moving clefs into a top-level key at the same level as beams, allowing us to remove the content key and have beams, clefs, and sequences at the same level within part measure.

Next up, Adrian will focus on implementing more of the MNX specification in the MNX converter, as this will likely flush out a few more awkward design issues like the clefs issue we discussed today.

Adrian also plans to look at the pull request (#308) contributed by Paul Overell to provide a JSON schema for MNX, and will figure out the next steps for how to integrate this schema into the project.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting will be on Tuesday 28 September 2023.

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