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Co-chair meeting minutes: August 31, 2023


We had some excellent bug reports on the MNX example documents from community member Paul Overell in issue #306, and Adrian has worked through them to fix them all. Thanks to Paul for this very detailed look at the examples.

Adrian has also completed the work discussed at our last meeting for accidentals in issue #288 and both the specification and examples have been updated.

We briefly discussed a couple of the remaining issues that have arisen from the transition from XML to JSON. We decided to close issue #298 concerning start and end repeat barlines, and issue #296 concerning the encoding of global measures, with no further action.

Next up, Adrian is going to update the MNX converter project to output JSON. The test suite for the MNX converter also needs to be updated to reflect the recent changes to remove micro syntaxes, but we think it’s reasonably certain that the subset of the syntax in these tests is now more or less set in stone. So once this is updated to output JSON, this should provide a stable foundation for future development.


Myke has decided that issue #492 concerning the way MusicXML encodes different short/tick barlines should be handled in MusicXML. In due course we will decide how the differences should be encoded: possibilities include extending the bar-style enumeration with new values, or specifying how the vertical extent of the barline should be specified relative to the staff lines on a five-line staff.

Next meeting

The next co-chairs’ meeting will be in two weeks on Thursday 14 September.

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