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Co-chair Meeting Minutes: November 12, 2019

Daniel Spreadbury was unable to attend this meeting, but Adrian Holovaty and Michael Good discussed several issues in his absence.


Adrian has created three new pull requests, all of which are ready for community feedback:

  • #169 implements slurs as “liaison content,” per our discussion from last meeting.
  • #170 makes the <head> tag optional.
  • #171 specifies default barline treatment — as a shortcut for the common case of “display a normal barline after each bar, except for the final bar, which should get a final barline.”

Please comment there with feedback, even if you only want to give a thumbs-up emoji to express your support.

Adrian is planning to make one further improvement to #169: He’ll add a second slur example to the “MNX-Common by Example” document, showing how slurs-over-chords would work (which is worth providing an example for, given that a slur is attached to an individual note, begging the question “which note of the chord gets the slur?”).


Michael has done some catchup on the GitHub issue tracker lately. There’s been some discussion in various issues, and he’s planning to review the continuing discussion.

ISMIR report

Adrian gave a quick report about various notation-related projects he saw at the ISMIR conference last week:

  • partitura is a Python library for manipulating semantic music data, currently with support for MusicXML import. (Paper here.)
  • “A diff procedure for music score files” presented an algorithm for comparing two versions of a MusicXML file. (Paper here.)
  • “Visual pattern analysis using digital sheet music” detects musical patterns in MusicXML files. (Paper here.)
  • The Romantext Format is a “Flexible and Standard Method for Representing Roman Numeral Analyses.” (Paper here.)

Next meeting

The next co-chair meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 26 November 2019.

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