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Co-chair Meeting Minutes: October 30, 2019


Following our last meeting, Adrian closed pull request #159 and opened issue #167 to cover converting slurs from using spanning elements to liaison content. He’ll now create a pull request to implement this in the spec, and seek community feedback on the pull request.

There was a wide-ranging discussion in issue #161 which were ultimately closed with no specific action required.

Jacques Menu opened issues #163 and #164, which were also ultimately closed with no specific action required.

Adrian has been engaging with the issues raised by Cecilio Salmeron in issue #160, and raised issues #166 (make the head element optional) and issues #165 (encoding policy for barlines).

The co-chairs discussed that we would like to encourage developers to include metadata, but in the spirit of keeping the format as slimmed-down and minimal as possible, it seems reasonable for the head element to be optional. Adrian will create a pull request for #166 to make the head element optional in the specification.

The co-chairs also discussed issue #165, and once again affirmed that we favour an “opt-out” approach for barlines, i.e. that normal barlines are assumed to be present unless they are explicitly encoded otherwise. Adrian will create a pull request for this issue to make this concrete in the specification.

Adrian also plans to work on a pull request for the wedge element in the near future, as discussed in previous meetings.

MusicXML 3.2

Michael has had some good discussions with the community concerning issue #295 for Roman numeral analysis. The discussion is in process and as yet Michael has not determined whether or not this will end up being in scope for MusicXML 3.2 depending on how complex it turns out to be to address the requirements in full.

SMuFL 1.4

Daniel has no update on SMuFL 1.4 this week.

In-person meetings in H1 2020

Michael has received his first enquiries about when and where in-person CG meetings are planned for 2020. As things stand, neither Daniel nor Adrian will be at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA in January 2020, though Michael will be there, so the co-chairs’ current thinking is that we may not have a formal meeting at NAMM in 2020, though Michael would be very happy to have individual meetings with CG members at the show.

The co-chairs still believe that an in-person meeting at Musikmesse from 1–4 April 2020 will be worthwhile, and we expect to poll the community about plans to attend in the near future.

ISMIR, November 2019

Adrian will be attending ISMIR next week in Amsterdam, and would be delighted to meet with anybody who has interest in the work of the Community Group who is attending the conference next week.

Music Engraving Conference at the Mozarteum, Salzburg, January 2020

A new conference called Music Engraving in the 21st Century will be taking place at the same time as the NAMM Show in Salzburg, Austria in January 2020. Daniel is planning to attend and Adrian may also attend. The co-chairs are interested to know whether sufficient members of the Community Group will be in attendance to warrant enquiring about holding a meeting at the conference.

Next meeting

The next co-chair meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12 November 2019.

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