Meeting minutes 04092015

From Linked Building Data Community Group


  • Kris McGlinn
  • Pieter Pauwels
  • Matthias Weise
  • Seppo Törmä
  • Nam Vu Hoang
  • Walter Terkaj
  • Gonçal Costa

Date and time

  • 04/09/2015
  • 10:45 CET


  • Discuss Use case session at LDAC
  • Definition of key use cases in greater detail
  • Identifying appropriate ontologies and open data sets

Action items

  • <Identify one use case from each category and begin to develop in greater detail (with help of use case contributor)>, <Kris>, <STATUS: NEW>


  • Kris: Describes the event at LDAC, giving some example use case descriptions which will be explored as a result.
  • Kris: Describes changes made to LBD wiki.
  • Kris: Discusses methodology for defining in more detail the identified use cases. Use of IDM, BPMN models, exchange requirement definitions, idenitficiation of candidate models.
  • Kris: Presents some open questions, which will be discussed in upcoming use case workshop @ sustainable places
    • What are the current levels of awareness when it comes to BIM, IFC (and ifcOWL) and Linked Data technologies?
    • What projects/participants have looked at BIM/IFC and decided it does not meet their requirements?
    • What projects/participants have looked at BIM/IFC and decided they need more information before committing?
    • What projects/participants have looked at BIM/IFC, understand it, but need some persuasion of its benefits?
    • What project/participants use cases are currently met with the IFC standard or a subset of the IFC standard?
    • What is the value add of using IFC for their project? (improves Interoperability, etc.)
    • If IFC does not meet a projects data requirements, or if it is deemed to add no value to the project, can these requirements be met by other existing ontologies, or linked data sets?
    • Would a set of guidelines and simple examples for using IFC or other Linked Data sets be of use?
  • Pieter: Will there be a web page developed for helping with the addition and tagging of use cases?
  • Kris: Would be nice to have, but dependant on resources.


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