Meeting minutes 02102015

From Linked Building Data Community Group


  • Kris McGlinn
  • Pieter Pauwels
  • Matthias Weise
  • Jakob Beetz
  • Nick Kaklanis
  • Odilo Schoch
  • Walter Terkaj
  • Gonçal Costa
  • Hendro Wicaksono
  • Maxime Lefrancois

Date and time

  • 02/10/2015
  • 12:00 CET


  • Plan for the further exploration of use cases
    • Here we will briefly discuss our steps for exploring a select set of use cases in more detail.
  • Introduction to ReqCap tool
    • Matthias Weise will introduce the ReqCap tool which we will be making use of to capture data requirements for the selected use cases.
  • Discussion of selected use cases for further exploration
    • Here we will identify a set of use cases, based on our classification, for further exploration using the ReqCap tool.
    • Currently we intend to explore one from each of the following, if you wish to explore others, please let us know on the call (or before hand)
      • Optimized Building Design for Energy Efficient Operation
      • Intelligent and Integrated Control Based on Building Behavior (of devices)
      • Intelligent and Integrated Control Based on Building Behavior (occupancy)
      • Intelligent and Integrated Control Based on Predictive Energy Simulation
      • Visualization and Monitoring of Building Data (e.g. Energy Consumption) for Decision Support

Action items

  • <Explore use case data requirements using ReqCap tool>, <Kris, Nick, Hendro, Matthias, Willie>, <STATUS: NEW>


  • All: Introduction and background
  • Kris: Discusses Genoa VoCamp, alignment server, and steps to align SAREF ontology and ifcOWL. Mentions future VoCamps and involvement of SWIMing
  • Maxime: We are planning a VoCamp in December 16th/17th around SAREF, ifcOWL and SEAS knowledge model.
  • Kris: Discusses the selection of use cases and the use of ReqCap tool for capturing exchange requirements.
  • Matthias: Presents tool
  • Jakob – Any publications regarding tool?
  • Matthias - still prototype stage, but based on several years of experience and follows a similar pattern to IDM methodology.
  • Kris - I think Odilo's simulation use case would be a good starting point for this also.
  • Odilo - Yes, I was going to say.
  • Maxime – Would have been good at beginning of our project <SEAS>, but perhaps a bit late now.
  • Maxime - Could we create a new instance easily so we can try it on a new project? So first inputs, list of use cases…and list of ontologies that are related.
  • Matthias – Yes, if you already have an ontology or data structure.
  • Matthias – The tool is flexible.
  • Maxime – A VoCamp with SEAS experts to work with this tool. Ok, that could be an idea.
  • Kris - Discusses candidate use cases for further exploration using ReqCap tool, five categories to begin (based around analysis of EeB projects).
  • Kris - Next call, two weeks same time.


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