Meeting minutes 03042015

From Linked Building Data Community Group


  • Pieter Pauwels
  • Maria Poveda
  • Kris McGlinn
  • Jakob Beetz

Date and time

  • 03/04/2015
  • 10:30 CET


  1. Discuss results of buildingSMART International Summit
  2. Start preparing follow-up actions

Action items

  • <Clean use cases>, <ALL>, <STATUS: ONGOING>
  • <Circulate Google Forms Questionnaire>, <Pieter>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Digest questionnaire results obtained from BuildingSMART event in Wiki>, <Kris>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Prepare LDAC CFP>, <Pieter>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Add LDAC to Wiki>, <Pieter>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Set up one virtual ifcOWL discussion event>, <Pieter>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Develop sensor scenario>, <Kris>, <STATUS: NEW>


  • BuildingSMART event was a success. About ten use case questionnaires have been returned and the winner has received a bottle of wine. The results of the questionnaire will be used to improve the wiki.
  • In the BuildingSMART, a Linked Building Data working group has been initiated, chaired by Pieter Pauwels and Jakob Beetz. No formal indications, framework or guidelines have been given, however, about the actual shape that this working group is supposed to take. If no further news is received, the working group will be hosted at, in parallel to the current W3C working group.
  • 3rd LDAC event will be held in Eindhoven University of Technology, after the EG-ICE conference (16-17 July). The website for the event is up and running: Content will be added asap. A call for presentations will be prepared and sent out as soon as possible. We do not call for papers, we call for presentations in line with the presentations that were made in the BuildingSMART event.
  • a BuildingSMART working group has been initiated that allows to standardize the ifcOWL ontology and recommend it for publication via the BuildingSMART website. A virtual meeting will be organised in "petit commité" to start preparing this formal recommendation.
  • Kris will develop a sample scenario with sensors that can be used in the web page and wiki as a reference scenario showing the benefits of using a linked data approach.


Action Items of Previous Meeting

  • <Clean use cases>, <ALL>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Finalise Questionnaire>, <Kris>, <STATUS: 100%>
  • <Put Questionnaire onto Google Forms>, <Pieter>, <STATUS: 100%>
  • <Circulate Scenario Slides>, <Kris>, <STATUS: 100%>
  • <Develop Scenario>, <Maria, Kris>, <STATUS: 100%>

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