Meeting minutes 16032015

From Linked Building Data Community Group


  • Pieter Pauwels
  • Maria Poveda
  • Kris McGlinn

Date and time

  • 16/03/2015
  • 11:00 CET


  1. Discuss progress on development of Linked Data Use Cases + preparation for buildingSMART International Summit

Action items

  • <Clean use cases>, <ALL>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Finalise Questionnaire>, <Kris>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Put Questionnaire onto Google Forms>, <Pieter>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Circulate Scenario Slides>, <Kris>, <STATUS: NEW>
  • <Develop Scenario>, <Maria, Kris>, <STATUS: NEW>


Discussed issues with categorization of use cases. Ongoing process, requires refinement, same for Stakeholders. Pieter: Need to have clear scenario to hook people into the benefits of the Linked Data approach. Discussion around questionnaire. Reduce size of questions.


Previous Meeting

  • <Add see use cases for Energy and Simulation categories>, <Kris>, <STATUS: 50% COMPLETE> -> Simulation falls over both categories.
  • <Add see use cases for Consumption and Optimization categories>, <Maria>, <STATUS: COMPLETE>
  • <Add see use cases for Commissioning and Retrofitting categories>, <Pieter>, <STATUS: COMPLETE>
  • <Enumerate Stakeholders>, <All>, <STATUS: NEW>

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