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Welcome to the HPC Community Group

Hey, folks,
Apologies that it took so long to get things off the ground with this group. Several of us were delayed in gaining entrance to it while some institutional wheels turned. Now that we’re in, I’m hoping we’ll be able to grow more quickly and get a broader group taking part. Please tell your colleagues who might be interested in joining us. Note also that one can subscribe to the mailing list without being a member. If someone you know runs into roadblocks in officially joining, they can always join the mailing list.

I think the first item for discussion would be to identify what we want to accomplish with this space. Certainly we can share what we’ve built or done to date. I see that we have a wiki, so that seems like a good place to start putting links to things that already have a home on the web. Please add what you think might be useful. We also have a chat channel and several mailing lists. The one is the main one for reaching everyone.

Another thing that occurs to me is that many of us will probably be at SC11 next month. In case you aren’t already in the know, there will be a workshop on gateway computing environments on Friday from 9 to 3. That would be a logical place for those of us in attendance to meet up.

If you have ideas about what we as an organization should or could do, jump in and post them. And of course, feel free to post any items of general interest.


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