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Adding database to website


My first post here so hope it is in the right place.

I have have built a basic HTML website for a friend (car dealer). I am looking to add a database to this which would hold details of cars in stock and display them on the website. I have done this in the past using Ruby on Rails at uni (I’m a student). I’m looking for help or tutorials on how to incorporate this feature into the current site.

Other option is to use the ruby site I created in the past but I have not a clue on how to host this. I have spent many hours searching but can not find a solution.

Any help will be much appreciated. Sorry if this is such a novice question as I am still learning!

thanks in advance.

One Response to Adding database to website

  • chrisglasier

    This forum is “about ideas for new work or a new Community Group or Business Group”, so you are unlikely to get any useful response. is the place to go to.

    You might like to delete this post if you find what you need there.

    Good luck!


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