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W3 Operating system

The post in  (see email post below) is titled “Organisational not semantic problem?” It received more than 1000 views within a short time. I think this was due to recognition that real progress has always involved reorganisation and that people are always looking for something new.

With this in mind it seems a good time to suggest W3C introduce a more adventurous operating system division. W3C’s established work with governments and big business is not affected (cf. main frame computing remains a mainstay despite the widespread introduction of personal computing).

The suggested operating system provides a public webpage that transforms an uploaded nameset created by its owner into a web-based process with an interface like this:


The animated sliding panels remove complications and contraints of window/sheet navigation providing a machine rather than paper-like experience.

After all, that great scientist Vannevar Bush offered this advice:  “He [Man] has built a civilization so complex that he needs to mechanize his records more fully if he is to push his experiment to its logical conclusion.”

For commentary on more of Bush’s recommendations relevant today please visit Memex 2000. You can also access more detailed information on namesets, models and so on from the sidebar menu.

Finally I believe that a new division would be more agile in responding to the Baroness’ dynamic themes:

– open data has huge power but needs to move from technologists to mainstream
– the uk cannot rest on its digital laurels. we must equip the private, public and not for profit sector with the skills to handle technology better
– the ODI and others need to go on a charm offensive to make the case for more and better data

Edit: see also

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