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Geographic Coordinate Phone Book

Hi All.  This is my first leap into the W3 forums.

I’m looking to start a new working group to help shape and implement my idea.  I thought it best to float it here first to measure reaction.

The idea is this:  creating an equivalent to DNS translation, but for geographic coordinates.

A specification could be formulated to allow people to register coordinates which tie to a simple address.

Eg. L.thisismymybusiness.t resolves to a particular pair.

I’ve thought a fair amount on the details for this but am looking for anything from you so I won’t cloud your thoights by expanding here.


2 Responses to Geographic Coordinate Phone Book

  • Hi, I would like something like: “”.
    I suggest you to write a document with your idea. Without document nobody will help you, with the document someone might help you.
    I want to open a group too, I help you and you help me. What do you think?


    • Richard Washington

      Hi, yeah sounds great! I like the format of to:

      Could even have routes aka lists of coordinates


      Or areas aka a list of coordinates which map a boundary.



      Not sure if this fits the w3 or would be better as a service like


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