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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed [TEST - IGNORE] Bert Bos 2018-07-31
ACTION-2 (edit) closed [test - ignore yet again] Bert Bos 2018-08-01
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Clarify which github space we can use W3C's github space or if we need something else Bert Bos 2018-08-13
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Draft a page afor ORDL Víctor Rodríguez-Doncel 2018-08-13
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Draft a page about GDPRtext Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2018-08-13
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Draft something about Opera use case(s) Michael Markevich 2018-08-13
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Add some overview of SPECIAL use case(s) Bert Bos 2018-08-13
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Add some more starting point vocabulary stubs Axel Polleres 2018-08-13
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Include links to irc and minutes into the agenda next time Axel Polleres 2018-08-14
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Organize a call later on 30th after the mydata session or on friday morning to sync with people jooining through the conference.... will contact organizers. Axel Polleres 2018-08-14
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Reach out to industrial data spaces project (germany) and another austrian big data project (dma). Simon Steyskal 2018-08-14
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Look over requirements template Simon Steyskal 2018-08-14
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Propose use case(s) for the decode project Stefano Bocconi 2018-08-14
ACTION-14 (edit) closed Ask hendrik for edition ieee 7012 Axel Polleres 2018-08-14
ACTION-15 (edit) closed look over use cases template Eva Schlehahn 2018-08-14
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Talk to joss about mydata open space session and maybe try to pre-fix a slot. Axel Polleres 2018-08-28
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Try to modify the rquirements teamplate and instantiate it for some of the items on,_requirements,_vocabularies Axel Polleres 2018-08-28
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Explore list of mydata use cases. Stefano Bocconi 2018-09-11
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Contact again for a more detailed use case description Axel Polleres 2018-09-11
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Proposes use case about public entities handling personal data Harald Zwingelberg 2018-09-11
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Talk to eva to get in touch with bdva about a session slot in the european bid data value forum. Harald Zwingelberg 2018-09-11
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Ask around whether decode is willing to participate in bdva-forum Stefano Bocconi 2018-09-11
ACTION-23 (edit) closed And axel tallk about refining the schedule/scope of the group and come back with a proposal how to order the input collected so far Bert Bos 2018-09-11
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Formulate a use case to exemplify what i proposed today :-) (categorization along the categories and terminology we agreed upon today) Axel Polleres 2018-09-25
ACTION-25 (edit) closed create a section about different terms on the wiki Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2018-09-26
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Look over the use cases template to reflect better what we agreed upon as requirements/priorities last time. Eva Schlehahn 2018-10-23
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Put discussion on new use cases on the agenda Axel Polleres 2018-10-23
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Propose competence questions on what consent comprises Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2018-10-23
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Put review of issues list and starting time on the agenda template (note to self) Axel Polleres 2018-10-23
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Send a doodle poll over the list for f2f Axel Polleres 2018-10-23
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Contact michael markevich on action-6 Axel Polleres 2018-11-13
ACTION-32 (edit) closed (and rigo) to summarize the discussion for legitmation of data processing and come up with a first proposal of categories Eva Schlehahn 2018-11-20
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Summarize elements of consent from the mails and align with mark lizar on "concent receipt" definition (e.g. on delegation) Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2018-11-13
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Start structuring categories of personal data and involved dimensions together with elmar and harsh, mark Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2018-11-13
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Add previous classifications to subpages of Mark Lizar 2018-11-13
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Add points 1.-6. from to Rudy Jacob 2019-02-14
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Add points 1.-6. from to Benedict Whittam Smith 2018-11-13
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Add points 1.-6. from to - Stefano Bocconi 2018-11-13
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Add points 1.-6. from to Elmar Kiesling 2018-11-13
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Create a wiki page for the agenda for the f2f meeting Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2018-11-27
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Send email with suggested timing for the agenda as talked about during the last dpvcg call Eva Schlehahn 2018-11-27
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Look into requirements of data protection assessment, and whether it would make sense to formalize that in terms of what we standardize Eva Schlehahn 2018-12-10
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Have a look a study on aal that might help us Eva Schlehahn 2018-12-10
ACTION-44 (edit) closed List purposes from taxonomy in a table and structure them by source, definition, legal basis (cf. flipchart) Fajar Ekaputra 2018-12-10
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Prepare an agenda for next week. Axel Polleres 2018-12-11
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Post-process minutesof f2f and check wherther all actions have been recorded Rigo Wenning 2018-12-11
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Invite, set agenda for a dpvcg teleconference on 11 december Axel Polleres 2018-12-11
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Look into classifications of organisations that could serve as a basis for clsssifying data controllers Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2018-12-11
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Put ms visio picture of usage policy on the wiki Eva Schlehahn 2018-12-11
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Suggest a new hierarchy of the usage policy diagram and integrate into the presentation of tuesday 11 Bud P. Bruegger 2018-12-11
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Prepare a presentation for next dpvcg telco on 11 december Bud P. Bruegger 2018-12-11
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Ask bert about w3c github repository action from august and create a github under w3c for dpvcg Rigo Wenning 2018-12-11
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Together with harsh, fajar, javier start on a base ontology, suggest a namespace, etc. and start populate the sub-taxonomies, agree on language to model it. Axel Polleres 2018-12-11
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Send a compiled version of the slides shown (as for storage) Eva Schlehahn 2018-12-11
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Look into how to align special duration vocab with “deletion-ideas” from eva’s slide (e.g. include no-retention, deleted-by, etc.) in our vocabulary Javier D. Fernández 2018-12-11
ACTION-56 (edit) closed And bert to collect actions and emails to be discussed in subsequent calls Axel Polleres 2018-12-18
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Start definitionsions of the high-level purposes at and map them to purposes collected from use cases Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2018-12-18
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Look at iab europe consent framework Eva Schlehahn 2019-01-15
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Send mail to list with the criteria for data protection assessment from edpb Eva Schlehahn 2019-01-29
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Look at use cases in the wiki to see if one matches the deletion rules ideas eva posted (especially deletion depending on an event or purpose rather than a fixed period) Eva Schlehahn 2019-01-29
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Schedule webex for 12 feb 14:00 Bert Bos 2019-01-29
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Write an email to michael markevich on action-6 and whether he still plans to join Axel Polleres 2019-02-19
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Set up doodle preferred dates for f2f in second half of march or first half of april Bert Bos 2019-02-19
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Reach out to on whether we can use their categories as a starting point, check license, and invite them to our working group. Mark Lizar 2019-02-19
ACTION-65 (edit) closed And bud to further elaborate on legal grounds taxonomy Eva Schlehahn 2019-02-19
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Look into structuring processing categories, ramisa, bud, eva to help/review. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-02-19
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Look into data controllers and recipients taxonomy with help of piero, axel Javier D. Fernández 2019-02-19
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Looking into consent elements and types with help of mark Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-02-19
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Report on eic conference next time Mark Lizar 2019-02-19
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Check back with owners which actions are ready for review and discussion in the call Axel Polleres 2019-03-05
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Review action-68 with the help of eva Bud P. Bruegger 2019-03-05
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Propose a mechanism to add provenance information for elements in our taxonomy Fajar Ekaputra 2019-03-05
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Polish the minutes from last call. Bert Bos 2019-03-26
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Polish the minutes from last call. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-03-26
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Send information about dublin: hotels, transport, etc. for f2f Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-03-26
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Map all closed and pending review actions to the respective edoitors/responsibles of parts ofg our taxonomy. Axel Polleres 2019-03-26
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Set up a doodle to collect points and actions to be discussed at the f2f (and possibly name someone present willing to present/discuss there)? Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-03-26
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Tell us which sessions she plans to join. Roghaiyeh(Ramisa) Gachpaz Hamed 2019-04-09
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Discuss with harsh how/whether to use github as a template. Mark Lizar 2019-04-09
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Prepare a templte for the spreadsheet. Axel Polleres 2019-04-09
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Put internet scope/wider scope on the agenda tomorrow. Axel Polleres 2019-04-11
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Compile the owl file for the nace r2 codes. Fajar Ekaputra 2019-04-11
ACTION-83 (edit) closed (with the help/review) of axel, put results of the technicalorganisationalmeasures session to thespreadsheet Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-04-11
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Create a first version of personal data complete ontology. Fajar Ekaputra 2019-04-11
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Create first version of complete technicalorgameasures Axel Polleres 2019-04-11
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Clean first complete version of legal basis Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-04-11
ACTION-87 (edit) closed Make a proposal alternatively use gics instead of nace. Mark Lizar 2019-04-11
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Put list of processing types into processing vocab on spreadsheet, merge with spcial terms, add descriptions. Javier D. Fernández 2019-04-12
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Finish base ontology by next call (within 2 weeks) Axel Polleres 2019-04-12
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Finish technical organisational measures part in the spreadsheet by next call Axel Polleres 2019-04-12
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Provide his conversion of nace as rdfs/owl Fajar Ekaputra 2019-04-12
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Finish personal data categories and transfer what we agreed upon to the spreadsheet. Elmar Kiesling 2019-04-12
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Drive discussion on recipients, data controllers, data subjects forward Roghaiyeh(Ramisa) Gachpaz Hamed 2019-04-12
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Finish purposes. Fajar Ekaputra 2019-04-12
ACTION-95 (edit) closed Complete legal basis Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-04-12
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Consolidate consent part. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-04-12
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Define a process to get from spreadsheets to spec. Axel Polleres 2019-04-12
ACTION-98 (edit) closed Define process for feedback in spec document. Axel Polleres 2019-04-12
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Look into where to publish our cg spec, and how to redirect from the namespace doc to the spec. Bert Bos 2019-04-12
ACTION-100 (edit) closed Find urls for gdpr articles. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-04-12
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Check after next telco, which terms relate how to special vocabularies (initially link them with rdfs:seealso Javier D. Fernández 2019-04-12
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Copy definitions for storagelocation and storageduration from special for now. Axel Polleres 2019-04-12
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Close actions to be closed as per Bert Bos 2019-05-14
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Discuss with axel to make sure issues are reflected in fpwd Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-05-14
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Remove duplicate top-level classes from subsheets. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-05-14
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Change isderived in PersonalDataCategory from a property to a class Elmar Kiesling 2019-05-14
ACTION-107 (edit) closed Coordinate with bert and harsh, where to place the namespace documents, e.g. dpv-nace Fajar Ekaputra 2019-05-30
ACTION-108 (edit) closed Define location for namespace documents Bert Bos 2019-05-30
ACTION-109 (edit) closed Check with harsh whether/how the script have a way to display the "comments" column as issues to be discussed in the spec generation? Axel Polleres 2019-05-30
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Review comments on personaldatacategory descriptions and see whether we need to discuss, request any specific comments.. on any of them Elmar Kiesling 2019-05-30
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Generate the separate rdf files per namespace. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-06-11
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Review spec and reflection of issues in the spec on next tue Axel Polleres 2019-06-11
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Together with harsh check comments in spreadsheets (drive-comments and 'comments' column) and how they are reflected in the generated spec Elmar Kiesling 2019-06-11
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Make a concrete proposal along specification of data controller categories by sector in the spec. Mark Lizar 2019-06-11
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Sends out an email with pointer to the reviewable spec and rdf files by the end of the week to the list for insternal review. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-06-11
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Review draft spec to be sent by harsh later this week. Bert Bos 2019-06-11
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Review draft spec to be sent by harsh later this week. Elmar Kiesling 2019-06-11
ACTION-118 (edit) closed Review draft spec to be sent by harsh later this week. Axel Polleres 2019-06-11
ACTION-119 (edit) closed Review draft spec to be sent by harsh later this week. Javier D. Fernández 2019-06-11
ACTION-120 (edit) closed Update the document according to today's agreement. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-06-25
ACTION-121 (edit) closed Clean up/restructure the github repository according to today's agreement. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-06-25
ACTION-122 (edit) closed Send a pull request to harsh_ with minor fixes (typos, full names) Elmar Kiesling 2019-06-25
ACTION-123 (edit) closed Advertise dpvcg at mydata: place in Community Call (starting Oct, contact Sille) Elmar Kiesling 2019-10-01
ACTION-124 (edit) closed Look for an open space in the mydata program to advertise the vocabulary Elmar Kiesling 2019-09-10
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Advertise at semantics. Fajar Ekaputra 2019-09-10
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Ask bert to update the cgwebpage to advertise the drafts more prominently. Axel Polleres 2019-09-10
ACTION-127 (edit) closed Ask simon steyskal are your comments still open on the spec Axel Polleres 2019-09-10
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Will try to recollect all the inputs and (not-)addressed issues in the spec. Fajar Ekaputra 2019-09-10
ACTION-129 (edit) closed Check in the next telcos, whethrer we're on track for that timplan. Axel Polleres 2019-09-10
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Discuss with eva to start a use case document? Bud P. Bruegger 2019-09-10
ACTION-131 (edit) closed Contact jan lindquis and inform them about the process how to suggest terms, i.e. ask them for a coherent proposal to extend our voacbulary to include their terms and let us know which ones are missing or where are the overlaps. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-09-24
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Bud and Eva will try to come up with partial state-transition diagrams to illustrate the interdependencies of data subject rights by the end of november. Bud P. Bruegger 2019-11-30 ISSUE-3
ACTION-133 (edit) closed Fix the extra space in "dpv-nace: nace-code." in section 5 Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-10-22
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Convert feedback from the spreadsheet into raised issues Fajar Ekaputra 2019-11-05
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Will make a formal proposal for an extension/modification in this direction. Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2019-11-19
ACTION-136 (edit) closed Remind bert to approve both last meetings' minutes next time (26 november) Axel Polleres 2019-11-19
ACTION-137 (edit) closed Apply harsh's patch to the html and rdf and republish, due 2019-11-28 Bert Bos 2019-12-03
ACTION-138 (edit) closed Add a link to the spreadsheet to the wiki, for safekeeping. Bert Bos 2019-12-03
ACTION-139 (edit) closed Start discussion on dpvcg timeline and deliverables update Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2020-06-03
ACTION-140 (edit) closed Share missing concepts in dpv for privacy policy generation Georg Philip Krog 2020-06-03
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Initiate discussion with group on current deliverables and timelines Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2020-06-17
ACTION-142 (edit) closed Share list of relations between dpv concepts Georg Philip Krog 2020-06-17
ACTION-143 (edit) closed Share how to participate/access iso documents Mark Lizar 2020-06-17
ACTION-144 (edit) closed Create page for new participants and contributors Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2020-07-15
ACTION-145 (edit) closed Add proposed tab to the spreadsheet for concepts Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2020-07-15
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Organise dpv concepts update meeting Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2020-07-15
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Add 'benefits' to list of proposed concepts (hasbenefits, hasbenefitsfor) Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2021-01-13
ACTION-148 (edit) closed Add DOB as a concept Harshvardhan J. Pandit 2021-02-10

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