ACTION-106: Change isderived in PersonalDataCategory from a property to a class

Change isderived in PersonalDataCategory from a property to a class

Elmar Kiesling
Due on:
May 14, 2019
Created on:
May 7, 2019
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Related notes:

isDerived has now been converted into Class dpv:DerivedPersonalData.

We can use this superclass either on the instance level to express that given data in a policy/a particular context is derived.

Furthermore, we can express that data of a given category are necessarily derived by definition on the vocabulary level. This is similar to dpv:Internal, but not everything considered internal in the enterprivacy categorization is necessarily derived (e.g., dpv:Authenticating).

On the other hand, dpv:DerivedPersonalData also includes others such as personality or attitude, which in the enterprivacy categorization is considered behavioral/external.

For now, we use dpv:DerivedPersonalData as a superclass for:
- dpv:Personality
- dpv:Attitude
- dpv:Demeanor
- dpv:Character

Not included, because they could be collected either directly, e.g., in a survey, or derived:
- dpv:Preference (with subclasses dpv:Favourite, dpv:Intention, dpv:Interest, dpv:Opinion, dpv:PrivacyPreference)

Elmar Kiesling, 8 May 2019, 09:23:31

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