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The Commission launches a public consultation on Standards in the Digital Single Market: setting priorities and ensuring delivery

The Commission recently launched a public consultation on Standards for the Digital Single Market (DSM). With this consultation, the Commission aims to gather views on priorities for standards.

Political context: The rapid integration of digital technologies into daily business practices is fundamentally changing entire sectors and processes. From the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, the advent of 5G technologies, digitisation of industries, big data to eHealth applications, smart and efficient energy and intelligent transport systems, digital technologies are becoming the foundation of a modern economy and societies. Europe is well placed to reap all the benefits of this digital transformation given its strengths in manufacturing and public and private services, and its leading role in important technologies such as fixed and mobile telecommunications, business software and embedded systems. (EC analysis document)

The Commission is gathering views on priorities for standards in key technology areas which are critical to achieving the DSM and which, once delivered, can constitute a technological foundation upon which other standards can be built. The Commission is looking for input on standards in:

  • 5G communications,
  • Cloud computing,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • Data driven services and applications,
  • Digitisation of European Industry,
  • eHealth,
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS),
  • Internet of Things,
  • Smart Cities and efficient energy use.

The contributions to this consultation will serve to build an ICT Priority Standards Plan, as set out in the Digital Single Market Strategy presented by the Commission on 6 May.

E.g. Q2.1 – Please identify and rank the domains (up to 5) and subsequently subdomains (up to 3 per domain) within each domain that you consider a priority. If specific domains or subdomains are missing please add them. (Domain 4: Data driven services and applications)

Read more and respond to the consultation here:

The consultation is open until 16 December.

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