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Hackathon on “The power of Linked Data in Agriculture and Food Safety”

For everybody interested in Hackathons & Linked Data & Agriculture and Food Safety there is on the 18.09 during the SEMANTiCS Confference in Vienna a Hackathon.

At the beginning of the workshop the available datasets and APIs will be presented, followed by a brainstorming session aiming to connect these datasets & APIs with the challenges given to them so as to come up with ideas for hacks! The rest of the day will be devoted to work on the data and the challenges. At the end the teams will come together and present and discuss their results in an open and relaxed environment that will provide the opportunity for everyone to learn from what has been achieved that day.

The framework used in the workshop will be the SemaGrow stack (see here for an online-version) that is developed in the SemaGrow project as an answer to the integration needs (big) agricultural data in practise. The SemaGrow stack is a distributed infrastructure layer on top of existing data repositories and networks that supports the interoperable and transparent application of data-intensive techniques over heterogeneous data sources.

More information on the SEMANTiCS website.


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