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Auto-WCAG Starts 2016

Yesterday was the first of our monthly auto-wcag telcos for 2016. We have happily concluded that the work of 2015 have been well received, including by the commission of the European Union who helped us fund the launch of this lovely initiative.

But it’s 2016 now. Stop living in the past. So what will we be doing in the coming year? We’ve set our sighs as follows:

  • Keep working on the test cases that we’ve created up until this point. We also aim to communicate about our work more frequently to increase the visibility of the group
  • We’re going to start reaching out to tool developers more actively, to look for feedback on the work we’ve done and to look for greater harmonization with regards to automated accessibility testing
  • And lastly but no less important we feel that auto-wcag should be the place people look towards for the latest information about tools available on the market.

We would like to thank everyone who has participated to our community effort the past year. As for now, time to get to work. Happy automating!

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