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Microsoft IE10 Flips on DNT as Default

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve been incommunicado, but it’s been crazy times at AdMonsters. However, there was a big piece of news last week directly related to our little group – Microsoft IE10 was released and it’s got DNT set on from the get-go. Most of the online advertising community was (understandably) pretty upset.

It’s a big big deal because (according to StatCounter) around 40% of US browsing is done on IE. That doesn’t mean tomorrow 40% of the Internet population will be untargetable (though that is a long-term worst-case scenario) as IE10 will take time to filter out.

We could debate motives of the move all day and night. I can see why Ryan Singel of Wired thinks it’s a shot at Google’s targeted advertising business. From what I understood from our meeting with Aleecia MacDonald, publishing and advertising operations within the same company must be kept separate – that is, Microsoft Advertising cannot use data collected by Microsoft sites. So there shouldn’t be a “first-party” advantage, as I’ve seen suggested by others – however, perhaps I’m in the wrong here… Was that the way you guys saw it?

Really, what we should discuss is –

  • How will this move affect publishers like yourselves?
  • Are you/can you prepare for the consequences of this move?
  • And is this a wise play by Microsoft? The guidelines around DNT are still under heavy debate; plus the DAA is threatening to ignore DNT requests from IE10. Is the future of DNT in jeopardy?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, I am trying to attend a private town hall meeting on DNT with the IAB and Aleecia; If I can go I’ll report my findings here. Is anyone else going to attend?

One Response to Microsoft IE10 Flips on DNT as Default

  • Gavin Dunaway

    It occurred to me – have any of you received invites to this IAB town hall? It’s on Tuesday, June 12 in NYC – I’m in touch with the man in charge, so I can see if I could get invites. I’m told space is limited.


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