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3.6 - Mark up lists and list items properly.

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Priority 2

Happy face: good choice!Encode list structure and list items (UL, OL, DL, LI) properly. The HTML list elements DL, UL, and OL (available in HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0) should only be used to create lists, not for formatting effects such as indentation. When possible, use ordered (numbered) lists to help navigation.

Structure the list with navigational information, like this:

  1. Instruments found within the string section of a symphony orchestra:
    1. Violins
    2. Violas
    3. Cellos
And the code for this example is:
<OL type=A>
<LI>Instruments found within the string section of a symphony orchestra:</LI>
<OL type=1>

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