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3. Use markup and style sheets and do so properly.

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Mark up documents with the proper structural elements. Control presentation with style sheets rather than with presentation elements and attributes.

3.1 - When an appropriate markup language exists, use markup rather than images to convey information.  Priority 2 

3.2 - Create documents that validate to published formal grammars.  Priority 2 

3.3 - Use style sheets to control layout and presentation.  Priority 2 

3.4 - Use relative rather than absolute units in markup language attribute values and style sheet property values.  Priority 2 

3.5 - Use header elements to convey document structure and use them according to specification.  Priority 2 

3.6 - Mark up lists and list items properly.  Priority 2 

3.7 - Mark up quotations. Do not use quotation markup for formatting effects such as indentation.  Priority 2 

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