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3.7 - Mark up quotations. Do not use quotation markup for formatting effects such as indentation.

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Priority 2

Mark up quotations with the Q and BLOCKQUOTE elements. Do not use them for formatting effects such as indentation.

<Q> element:
Quotation marks and quotation styles vary from language to language. Using the Q element (instead of typing the ASCII equivalent of quotation marks) will allow international browsers to properly display the required quote system. Therefore, please use the Q element to insert quotation marks, like this:

"I'm going home at midnight!"

<Q lang="en-us"> I'm going home at midnight!</Q>

Access Note: The Q element is not widely supported yet. Until it is, you will have to continue to add quotation marks manually. The "lang" attribute of the Q element is expected to cause the language-specific quotation symbols or rules to be applied during the rendering of the quote. To the best of our knowledge, this feature is also not supported by any browser.

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