ACTION-181: Investigate / review interactive and enabled for contradictions.

Investigate / review interactive and enabled for contradictions.

Simon Harper
Due on:
April 23, 2009
Created on:
April 16, 2009
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UAAG 2.0 Guidelines
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Related notes:

I was asked to look into possible issues with 'interactive element' - and 'enable element'.

The first thing to say is that 'interactive element' is only referred to in the document from the glossary, and further, from the 'enable element / disable element' defn.

Looking at our 2 defns:

enabled element, disabled element
An element with associated behaviors that can be activated through the user interface or through an API. The set of elements that a user agent enables is generally derived from, but is not limited to, the set of interactive elements defined by implemented markup languages. A disabled element is a potentially enabled element, that is not currently available for activation (e.g., a "grayed out" menu item).

interactive element
Elements that by specification or by programming have associated behaviors to be executed or carried out as a result of user or programmatic interaction.(e.g. in HTML 4 [HTML4] the interactive elements include: links, image maps, form elements, elements with a value for the longdesc attribute, and elements with event handlers explicitly associated with them).

I think there is a a very good case to either amalgamate or remove the defn of 'interactive element' as it is included in the defn of 'enabled element, disabled element'.

In addition, based on the OED definitions I think we are OK with the interplay of activation / deactivation and enable / disable:
Enable: To make possible or easy; also to give effectiveness to (an action). (1620 O. SEDGWICKE Christ's Counsell) esp. in Computing. To make (a device) operational, to turn on. (1962 Gloss. Terms Automatic Data Processing).

Disable: To suspend deliberately the functioning of (a technical device or facility); to deactivate. (1932 Bell Telephone).
Activate: To make active, move to activity (1626 BACON Sylva). Our defn is: To execute or carry out the behaviours associated with an enabled element in the rendered content or component of the user agent user interface.

Simon Harper, 7 May 2009, 09:21:38

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