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ACTION-886 (edit) open Rewrite definition of alternative content - include bullet for <abbr title=foo>, change sentence for text-alternatives for non-text content Jim Allan 2013-09-12
ACTION-1014 (edit) open Look at how we reference applicablability to just the user agent and ensure he's happy with it based off of 2.9.1 discussion. Kelly Ford 2014-08-21
ACTION-1015 (edit) open Review and revise ier for 2.9.1. Kelly Ford 2014-08-21
ACTION-1016 (edit) open Shorten and clarify 2.9.1 based on group thinking that it only applies to user agent ui and reflect gl's belief that it is too long. Kelly Ford 2014-08-21
ACTION-1043 (edit) open Update the ier for 2.2.2 for the changes to the sc to landmarks. Jan Richards 2014-11-04
ACTION-1053 (edit) open Research the difference between the two tests in a.3.6.1 Jan Richards 2014-11-06
ACTION-1065 (edit) open Write an intro paragraph for uaag 2.0 conformance applicability notes Jan Richards 2014-12-25
ACTION-1067 (edit) open Propose some way to handle the inherit properties from os issue Jan Richards 2015-02-05
ACTION-1074 (edit) open Run a diff from september to current ed draft to get all the changes to update the wiki page of tests. Jeanne F Spellman 2015-03-19
ACTION-1082 (edit) open Create a table (some mechanism) to track implementations for Jim Allan 2015-04-16
ACTION-1083 (edit) open New note for alternative content, excluding fallback content Jan Richards 2015-04-16
ACTION-1084 (edit) open Go through minutes of Feb 2 and make sure all the resolutions are reflected in the document. Not all resolutions have action items. Jeanne F Spellman 2015-04-21
ACTION-1085 (edit) open With greg to rewrite 1.7 to be mechanism and not specifically user style sheets Jim Allan 2015-05-21
ACTION-1089 (edit) open Review media alternative resize and reposition Jim Allan 2015-12-10
ACTION-1090 (edit) open Complete 1.6 for chomevox Jim Allan 2015-12-10

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