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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-67 (edit) OPEN Explore Harmonising UAAG to ISO 2010-05-13 UAAG 2.0 Guidelines 0
ISSUE-74 (edit) OPEN We need to think about how to handle printing and such for accessible configurations. 2010-09-23 0
ISSUE-91 (edit) OPEN If the user agent has an audio or tactile or xxx display then provide the following highlighting...related to 1.3.1,2,3 2012-04-12 0
ISSUE-92 (edit)
User scripts
OPEN Add SC recommending feature to automatically apply different scripts to different pages when they load (e.g. Greasemonkey). Product-2 2012-05-24 0
ISSUE-93 (edit) OPEN In UAAG next address need to be able to directly activate a link and control target of the link opening i.e. new window, new tab for speech users. 2012-05-31 0
ISSUE-94 (edit) OPEN Sc to be created to remove future warning messages in May 31 draft (editors note in 3.1) to be moved to 2012-06-05 0
ISSUE-95 (edit) OPEN UAAG next - search - report number of hits found on page 2012-06-26 0
ISSUE-96 (edit) OPEN UAAG next - printing - UA should --do not lose information, honor author print css, scale font size of print 2012-06-26 0
ISSUE-98 (edit) OPEN Add something in implementing document, about simultaneous satisfaction of success criteria 2013-10-24 0

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