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Scribing for the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group (UAWG)

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Scribe Rotation

Name Order Recent Next
Simon Harper 1 24 Jul 4 Sept
Mark Hakkinen 2 11 Sept
Jeanne Spellman 3 14 Aug 18 Sept
Jan Richards 4 7 Aug 25 Sept
Kelly Ford 5 21 Aug 2 Oct
Gregory Rosmaita 6  28 Aug 9 Oct

How the Rotation Works

How to Scribe a UAWG Meeting

Before the Meeting Begins (new trackbot version):

trackbot, start meeting
starts a script that invites the other bots and enters fixed information about the meeting
chair: [name]
[name] is one word. Usually First_Last is used.
agenda: [URI]
inserts a link to the agenda in the minutes. It is not a substitute for entering individual agenda items with agenda+ (unless an RDF agenda is used)
scribe: [name] or [IRC-name]
[name] is one word. Usually First_Last is used. If [name] is used, then the scribeNick command below is used to format the minutes to remove the scribenick from the minutes.
ScribeNick: [IRC-name]
used when both the scribe full name and IRC nick are desired.
present: [names]
[name] is one word, separated by commas. Usually "First_Last, First_Last2" is used
regrets: [names]
[name] is one word, separated by commas. Usually "First_Last, First_Last2" is used
zakim, save agenda (after agenda entered)
zakim, [Phone Code] is [Correct_Name]
Zakim, code?
displays the Zakim conference code for the current meeting

During the Meeting:

Attendance & Phone Participation

zakim, who is here?
displays a list of who is on the phone and IRC
zakim, who is still here?
displays a list of who is remaining on the phone and IRC
zakim, [Phone Code] is [Correct_Name]
zakim, mute me
zakim, unmute me
zakim, code? (displays the Zakim conference code for the meeting)
zakim, who is making noise?
zakim, choose a victim (randomly assigns a task to a participant)
q+ (puts you in the speaker queue)
q- (remove yourself from the speaker queue)
q+ to ask ... OR q+ to say ...
q? (lists who is on the queue)
present+ [name] (to add late arrivals)
present- [PhoneCode] (to remove coded IDs)
regrets+ [name] for last minute regrets
rrsagent, pointer? (gives location of IRC log)

Agenda Management

agenda+ [text]
adds a topic to the agenda
zakim, next item
moves to the next agenda item
zakim, close item [number]
closes the previous item number and moves to the next open item
topic: [text]
puts a topic title, in-page link and divider in the minutes for a change of topic (usually used when not using the agenda commands)

Action items and Issues Management

ACTION: [user] to [text] - due [when]
IRC nick is the best format for [user]
[user] will also accept "unassigned" or "TBD" (omit quotes) if the action is unassigned.
Most common date formats are accepted as [when]. Here are some examples:
  • 2005-02-14
  • 14 February 2005
  • next Friday
  • Monday
  • 1 week 2 months
  • tomorrow
If you don't specify a due date, then the default of "1 week" is used.
will return the status on that action.
close ACTION-[number] or ACTION-[number] closed
ACTION-[number] due [when]
will change the due date
trackbot, comment action-[number] [text] or ACTION-[number]
adds a comment to the action
ISSUE: [text]
creates a new issue (Issues are tracked separately from Actions are not assigned to indiviuals. An Issue can have Actions associated with it.
returns the status information on an issue
ISSUE-[number]: [text]
annotates the issue
RESOLVED: [text]
is given prominence in the minutes

After the Meeting Adjourns:

  1. Creating Minutes:
    • rrsagent, create minutes (the following 5 commands are synonyms)
    • rrsagent, draft minutes
    • rrsagent, format minutes
    • rrsagent, generate minutes
    • rrsagent, make minutes
    • rrsagent, publish minutes
    NOTE: the naming syntax for the automatically generated documents is: http://www.w3.org/YYYY/MM/DD-ua-minutes
  2. zakim, please part (this will result in the output of attendees)
  3. Correct any errors in the IRC log using the command:
    NOTE: non-staff members who are acting as scribe MUST effect any changes or corrections BEFORE dismissing RRSAgent; staff can edit slash manipulate minutes by appending a comma and the word tools to the URI for the minutes - for example: http://www.w3.org/2008/05/15-ua-minutes.html,tools
  4. after dismissing zakim, issue an "RRSAgent, draft minutes" command to ensure that the attendees list is correctly populated -- use the + and minus syntax to add or delete attendees, regrets, etc. -- remember that you MUST issue an "RRSAgent, draft minutes" in order for the minutes to execute your instructions -- every time you do so, be sure to REFRESH the document in the browser instance in which you are reviewing the draft minutes
  5. rrsagent, please part (VERY LAST STEP- logs actions and resolutions)
  6. send email to the group list with links to the HTML minutes and IRC log. Copy and paste a text copy of the action items followed by a text copy of the minutes.