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Control Audio Using Single Keys

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UAAG 1.0 Requirement

Checkpoint 11.4 Single-key access (Priority 2 )
Provision 2 : For each functionality in the set required by checkpoint 11.5, allow the user to configure a single-key binding. A single-key binding is one where a single key press performs the task, with zero modifier keys.

Test 1 :


  1. Configure the user agent so that a single key stops, pauses, resumes, and navigates the audio file in the test area.
  2. Use these keys to stop, pause, resume, and navigate the audio file.
  3. (Note: a different key can be used for each function)

Run test

(Homer) Computers can do that?

Expected results

  1. The user agent can be configured so that single keys can be used to stop, pause, resume, and navigate the audio file.

Source code

<object type="audio/x-wav" standby="Loading Audio" data="../images/homer.wav" width="144" height="46">
  <param name="src" value="../images/homer.wav" valuetype="data"></param>
  <param name="autostart" value="true" valuetype="data"></param>
  <param name="loop" value="true" valuetype="data"></param>
  <param name="controls" value="VolumeSlider" valuetype="data"></param>
  <embed src="../images/homer.wav" controls="volumelever" type="audio/basic" autostart="true" loop="true" width="100" height="50"></embed>


  1. HTML 4.01 specification for OBJECT
  2. specification for EMBED (EMBED is not part of the HTML 4.01 specification)

About this test suite

This test is part of a test suite for the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) 1.0 . This work is conducted by the User Agent Accessibility Guidelines Working Group , which is part of W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) . Please send comments on this test to w3c-wai-ua@w3.org ( public archive ).

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