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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-698 (edit) OPEN Elements with "None" Instrinsic Host Language Semantics with ARIA relationship and/or tabindex applied 2015-01-27 SVG Accessibility API Mappings 0
ISSUE-699 (edit) CLOSED Address use of map to generic container vs. a group and role="none" mapping to concrete objects in some platforms 2015-01-30 SVG Accessibility API Mappings 0
ISSUE-1001 (edit) CLOSED Should xml:title be xlink:title? section 10.1 name and description has a couple of references to the "xml:title attribute". from some quick searching, i have yet to find any reference to that attribute; i have, however, found references and documentation 2016-01-15 SVG Accessibility API Mappings 0
ISSUE-1002 (edit) OPEN Empty or all whitespace title/desc nullifies affect of title/desc child 2016-01-15 SVG Accessibility 0
ISSUE-1003 (edit) OPEN Does role none/presentation always exclude an element from inclusion in the accessibility tree? 2016-01-15 SVG Accessibility 1
ISSUE-1004 (edit) CLOSED The Use element should default to graphics-symbol and also graphics symbol should subclass graphic 2016-01-18 SVG Accessibility API Mappings 0
ISSUE-1005 (edit) OPEN Conflicting ARIA semantics must be consistent with ARIA spec. with exceptions 2016-01-18 SVG Accessibility API Mappings 0
ISSUE-1006 (edit) OPEN multiple title and desc elements 2016-01-20 SVG Accessibility API Mappings 0
ISSUE-1007 (edit) OPEN trimming whitespace from accessible names and accessible descriptions 2016-01-22 SVG Accessibility API Mappings 0
ISSUE-1008 (edit) OPEN Recursive use aria-labelledby/describedby in text alternative computation 2016-02-05 SVG Accessibility API Mappings 0

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