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ACTION-1601 (edit) open Take a look at the connector spec. and develop navigation strategy and identify semantic points of interest Richard Schwerdtfeger 2017-03-21 SVG Next
ACTION-1704 (edit) open Add mention of aria-posinset calculation for axis ticks to the svg aam spec Richard Schwerdtfeger 2017-03-21 SVG Next
ACTION-1705 (edit) open Talk with at vendors about how they can present axis structures Richard Schwerdtfeger 2017-03-21 SVG Next
ACTION-1753 (edit) open Look at svg in gamepadapi, push api, etc due 20160113 Jason White 2016-01-15 SVG Accessibility
ACTION-2003 (edit) open Investigate how role=none interacts with other aria- attributes, in other aria specs. Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-03-01 ISSUE-1003
ACTION-2008 (edit) open define authoring practices related to links Doug Schepers 2016-04-06 SVG Accesssible Authoring Practices
ACTION-2019 (edit) open Coordinate with html-aam editors regarding correct mapping for <svg> element, in a way consistent with the new graphics role mappings Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-04-13
ACTION-2020 (edit) open Follow up with wcag on role=presentation/none and svg title/desc descendents Charles 'chaals' (McCathie) Nevile 2016-05-31
ACTION-2021 (edit) open Work role=none/presentation into ARIA spec Richard Schwerdtfeger 2016-04-20
ACTION-2026 (edit) open Coordinate release of 3 docs with aria 1.1 - talk with mc Fred Esch 2016-06-01
ACTION-2028 (edit) open Review role="presentation", role="non", and non-a11y tree tests due 2016-08-23 Brian McNeily 2016-08-23
ACTION-2029 (edit) open Review tests for acc name due 2016-08-30 Léonie Watson 2016-08-23
ACTION-2030 (edit) open Review acc description and role tests due 2016-08-23 Fred Esch 2016-08-23
ACTION-2031 (edit) open Update the draft. Doug Schepers 2016-11-08
ACTION-2032 (edit) open Reach out to steve faulkner to get test cases copied over to the svg a11y test harness Doug Schepers 2016-11-08

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