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The HTML Accessibility Task Force is currently inactive.

About the HTML Accessibility Task Force

The HTML Accessibility Task Force manages the progress of accessibility solutions in HTML5. It is a joint task force of the Accessible Platform Architectures (APA) Working Group (APA) and the Web Platform Working Group (OWP WG). The Task Force routinely addresses issues related to ARIA Integration, Canvas, Display, Drag and Drop, Focus, Labels, Media, Semantics, Table Summary, Table Headers, and Text Alternatives.

More details are available in the HTML Accessibility Task Force work statement and HTML Accessibility Task Force wiki.



Before you can participate in the HTML Accessibility Task Force, you must first join the HTML Working Group and accept the W3C's HTML WG Patent Policy.

Once you've joined the HTML WG and accepted its patent policy, contact Liam Quin to become a member of the HTML Accessibility Task Force.


The Task Force holds weekly teleconferences every Thursday at 11:00 AM Local Boston Time. You can find your local time for the meeting using the Time Zone Converter. Members can call the Zakim phone bridge at +1.617.761.6200 or dial-in to 002119@voip.w3.org using a SIP client. Once connected to Zakim, you will be prompted for a passcode for the teleconference you wish to join; the passcode for the HTML5 Accessibility Task Force is 2119#. We use IRC for taking minutes and sharing resources during our weekly teleconferences.


The primary mailing list for the HTML Accessibility Task Force is public-html-a11y. This list is moderated for non-members and only accepts mail directly from members of the Task Force. If you are not a member of the Task Force but wish to contact us using this list, your mail may not reach the list for 24-48 hours (or longer in rare circumstances). We encourage those interested in accessibility issues in HTML5 to join the HTML Accessibility Task Force.


The Task Force uses #html-a11y channel on irc.w3.org. Feel free to stop by during one of our weekly teleconferences or any other time for informal discussion. The channel is regularly monitored by active members.

Issues and Comments

If you have identified an issue in HTML5 that has an impact on accessibility, you are encouraged to report it using Bugzilla. Issues should be tagged with the keyword "a11ytf". The "Keywords" field is not visible by default. Select the "Show Advanced Fields" link to expose this field. If you have difficulty filing a bug, you are invited to email the issue to public-html-a11y, and one of the Facilitators may choose to file the bug on your behalf. For a reported issue to be handled effectively it should contain:

Note: These elements are not absolutely mandatory for all bug reports. But bug reports that do not have enough information to identify or solve a problem may be closed as NEEDSINFO.


Staff contacts from the respective WGs oversee attention to W3C Process with respect to the chartered requirements of the respective WGs. The Facilitators set agenda, lead meetings, determine consensus, and are the primary liaison to the WGs.


The task force participants list is maintained in the W3C group database.

Other Resources

For additional information and resources related to this Task Force, please browse the HTML Accessibility Task Force wiki. Popular sections of the wiki include: